The Light (2024)

All Are Welcome
- 2024 -
Players will take on the personas of unique psychics and mediums, all competing to cleanse a haunted home of spirits. You'll need to be careful though, as something more sinister than ghosts walk the mansion's floors. Are you ready to send as many spirits to The Light as possible?
Coming 2024
Meet Madame Zeltar. 62 years young, she's battled enough demons to last multiple lifetimes. While her voice hardly ever goes above a soft whisper, her mere presence causes quite a noise from behind the veil. 
Meet Father Malachi. While he was excommunicated from the church ages ago, he's never dropped the attire. Whether it's his 7' 7" height or his seemingly vacant eyes, there's something unsettling about his very presence. Some say he's not working for the big man upstairs anymore.